Best Ab Mat

What is the Best Ab Mat?

When searching for the best ab mat for core body training, there are three things that you need to take into consideration:

  • Portability
  • Comfort
  • Functional

Ab mat portability

This is a no brainer. Most ab mats have the same general design. You want to make sure, however, that it’s rugged enough to take some blows, and weight absorption. Often times you end up tossing your ab mat around like a frisbee, so it needs to be of high quality as to not tear and blemish along the sides and corners.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not purchasing a big heavy piece of equipment. An ab mat doesn’t need to be that way. They are simple in design, so you should expect a lightweight abdominal trainer mat.

Ab mat comfort

Chances are if your ab mat makes you feel uncomfortable in a painful way (bad pain, not the good pain we love!) then you won’t want to use it. You’ll notice that a good ab mat has some cushion to it but solid enough to maintain structure during use. If your ab mat can’t support your body weight during basic movements, then it won’t allow for your abdominals to move through the full range of motion that an ab mat provides.


best ab matWhy do people even use ab mats?

Can’t you just do the same thing without paying the money for an ab mat?

Those are both fair questions to ask.

Here’s why so many athletes choose to use one, and why you’re looking for the best ab mat available. When you properly place an ab mat under the lumbar spine with the higher end closest to your bum, it allows for your ab muscles to move and work through a full range of motion. This full range of motion being the anterior tilt in your pelvis, and lumbar spine extension. This complete range of abdominal motion and forceful contraction leaves your abs hungry screaming for more, more, more!

Where to get the best ab mat?

Enough with all the hoopla. Where can you grab one of these comfortable, functional, and portable ab mats?

We recommend grabbing the AbMat Abdominal Trainer by AbMat.

Here’s what it looks like:



We recommend this ab mat because it comes with an excellent exercise guide, has been around for the longest time and can be found in most CrossFit boxes.

You’ll also appreciate all of the different options available in case you don’t want the standard black color.

You’ll definitely find the lowest price on Amazon.


Strengthing your core just got easier with an ab mat. Often times when we can hold a piece of equipment that serves a functional purpose in our strength training, it motivates us to train harder and more frequently.

Let’s all do a big fist bump for ab mats!

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