Best Crossfit Gloves

The Safety of your hands is something that all crossfitters deal with on a regular basis that’s why we’re talking best CrossFit gloves today on the blog.

One of the most common injuries is having your hands getting cut up or at least harshly calloused due to pull ups and other bar exercises. Even though many are fine with that, for the men and women out there who are looking for a way to protect their hands by using Crossfit gloves. This article will cover the best gloves for Crossfit, which is the best method of protecting your hands and also improve your workout times.

With that in mind, we compiled the list of the 5 best gloves for Crossfit. Each product has been tried over a variety of workouts. They characterize the best Crossfit gloves for both sexes.

RockTape Gloves

rocktape best crossfit glove

RockTape and Crossfit have been associated together by the many products geared towards the Crossfit community including their newest addition: the gloves. At an affordable price tag, RockTape Crossfit gloves are known for putting safety first and providing a top-notch customer support.
What makes the Rocktape Gloves one of the best CrossFit gloves for the box?

  • The materials of the gloves are touch screen friendly, which apparently is a big requirement in today’s market.
  • The palm area of the glove has been constructed with minimal stitching. This translates into excellent hand protection without any risk in the structure of the glove.
  • A big distinction from other gloves in the market, RockTape displays aids for the false grip. In certain movements, the false grip is essential for certain athletes.
  • Distinct protection has been given to the surface of the thumb that is usually prone to friction whilst using the hook grip for high reps.
  • The only con that we could find with the Rocktape gloves is that even though the minimal stitching is present on the palm area, the rest of the glove is prone to falling apart if used excessively.


Emerge Fitness Crossfit Grips

emerge crossfit glove

These versatile CrossFit fitness gloves with integrated wrist support have quickly risen in popularity and are currently one of best Crossfit gloves available.

Although their original design was for weight lifting, both men and women started using them with their Crossfit workouts and found them to provide the best possible grip out of all competitors.
If you want to avoid calluses and blisters, then the Emerge Fitness Crossfit Grips are an excellent investment. Even if you are still new to Crossfit, I’m sure you’ve experienced how problematic can blisters be to your workouts.

  • These Gloves have the appropriate padding to fully protect your hands while offering superior protection to the hand and wrist during most exercises.
  • Synthetic leather is the material of choice for these gloves and reinforced stitching has been added.
  • One of the nice features to the Emerge Fitness gloves is that the dye does not fade or bleed to preserve the original design of the gloves.
  • Your hands will remain aerated due to the design and cut of these gloves; this also prevents them from slipping off your hands too.
  • Although these are close to perfect, certain users who like to focus on a few Olympic lifts like the jerks, snatches, and cleans might find them a little too thick for a comfortable grip.


WODFitters Hand Grips

wodfitters best crossfit gloves

The WODFitter grips offer an excellent compact design without compromising any of the great protection and high-quality material.
For many exercises with high rep counts that involve the hands, the palm usually gets trashed!

  • The design of this glove addresses this area by using a soft, textured leather that takes the form of your hand quickly and easily.
  • There’s Velcro on the wrists to adjust the fit and also for quick removal of the gloves if needed.
  • Not only these gloves are light and compact, but they are probably the best pair for someone on a tight budget.
  • When you first start using them, the leather might be a bit tight and uncomfortable for the first few sessions, but it doesn’t take long before the leather softens up and the performance improves significantly.

I am a big fan of the design of these WODFitter gloves as they are extremely convenient to put on and take off. The advantage of having a second palm is the ability to layer on the chalk, improving the grip but without affecting your hands at all.

The only con that I could think of for this model is that due to their compact design, they do not provide a full coverage of the hand.




WODies 2in1 WOD Grips by Jerkfit

wodies best crossfit gloves

You’re interested in performing really high-intensity WOD’s, then these are some of the best Crossfit gloves dedicated to diminishing hand tearing while providing serious wrist support.

For an improved fit, Jerkfit included finger holes in these gloves for a better fit, but this makes them perform best when coupled with plenty of chalk.
Never mind the price tag, these gloves are high quality handmade, according to specifications the material is woven elastic and made with a purpose of absorbing friction.

  • The WODies 2in1 gloves are easy on your palm to avoid punching and pinching during extreme workouts, which will significantly reduce your odds of getting blisters or calluses.
  • After using these gloves for a few times, you can observe how durable and stretchable the material is, along with its ability to absorb chalk and sweat, providing you with a sturdy grip.
  • We loved how flexible the material is. Not once did we feel like the gloves were slipping away, no matter how much you bar work was done.
  • The gloves are breathable and washable, both extremely important property help keep nasty infections away and avoid smelly palms.
  • Using the Jerkfit WODies 2in1 best CrossFit gloves will provide you with a stress-free workout and no chance of palm friction.
  • They come with extra wide wrist wraps that act as support for certain exercises like squats, cleans, kettle bell swings and snatches.
  • Of course, be prepared to pay a little extra when purchasing these bad boys and the negative aspect of these gloves is the need for certain users to modify the holes in the fingers for a perfect fit, which can void the warranty.




Rogue Mechanix 2.0

rogue best crossfit gloves

Protecting the hands from blisters, calluses, and other injuries has become a market that many companies are trying to conquer, and Rogue Fitness is one of these companies that came up with a game changing product that could well be one of the best Crossfit gloves money can buy.

  • The Rogue Mechanix 2.0 is an aesthetically designed glove with plenty of ventilation and durability.
  • When creating a high-quality Crossfit glove, balancing hand safety with a good grip is vital, by adding breathability to this formula, Rogue has created a highly durable glove strong enough to be in the gym bags for the entire Crossfit community.
  • Unlike certain models, the Rogue Mechanix will cover your palms entirely. This is probably most useful when considering protection for exercises that include a lot of hook grip due to the extreme rubbing of the thumbs.
  • There’s a custom fit especially tailored for comfort; injury prevention will allow you to workout for longer, break personal records and keep on improving.
  • The palm area is made of hard materials that still provide you with perfect grip.
  • It will also limit the transfer of moisture and sweat to preserve your grip whilst proper air flow keeps your palms cools.

One of the downsides of using synthetic leather at the palm is that it will take some time before delivering optimal grip but on the plus side, it is highly durable with the newly reinforced stitching technology.




Hand Care

Now, of course, the best Crossfit gloves are not meant to completely prevent wear and tear on your hands.

Even though they play a major role in protecting from calluses, without extra care, hands can dry up and form calluses over time.

Smooth palms for Crossfit is highly desired for better workouts, and for this reason, we recommend the usage of a hard skin remover.

This product will help in removing layers of dead skin. Just make sure you don’t go too deep as it may do more harm than good.

After taking care of dead skin, moisturizing is the next best thing you can do. After showering and washing your hands thoroughly after your workouts, apply a good moisturizer that contains your choice of healing oils for keeping any unwanted blisters or calluses away.

Final Thoughts

Even though you can’t go wrong with any of the top 5 best Crossfit gloves mentioned above, my vote goes to the Rogue Mechanix 2.0 model as it combines the perfect balance between protection and breathability, combined with a solid construction and stitching that is meant to last long and withstand brutal workouts. Remember to start a hand care routine for best results.

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