Best Power Rack For 2020

No serious workout regimen is achieved without the use of a power rack, and today we’re helping you find the best power rack on the market.

Many of us enjoy the privacy of working out in our own home gym. There is no wait to share equipment and we can blast whatever music as loud as we want, 24-7.

A power rack will without a doubt become the most beneficial investment and the piece of equipment that will take your home gym to the next level.

It is versatile and can be used for most types of exercises and movements to help gain massive muscle mass all over your body as well as to cut and trim up in those pesky unwanted places. In case you’re planning to perform power movements with heavy weight, then check out our best power rack list for home gyms.

Best Power Rack Comparison Chart {2020}


Power Rack ModelWeight capacityNumber of adjustmentsPrice Range 

Atlas Power Rack Cage

800 lbs.28$   

Titan Fitness T-3 Series Fold Back Power Rack

1000 lbs30$   

Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack

650 lbs17$$   

Rogue R-6 Power Rack

1000 lbs30$$$$   

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

750 lbs18$$   

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

800 lbs.20$$$   

Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage

300 lbs26$$$   

Deltech Fitness Power Rack

750 lbs17$$   

Scroll down to see each of the best power racks in more detail.


Power Rack Benefits

The number one benefit of using a power rack is the safety it brings to your lifts.

Having a safe lifting environment allows you the freedom of lifting heavier weights and hitting your muscles from various angles using different strength movements.

Another benefit is the ability to perform dead stop movements. This peace of mind provided from its safeguards allows you to train without having a spotter nearby.

Adding an extra ten pounds can be now attempted without fear of getting pinned under the barbell. Most power racks will allow you to adjust its safety pins according to your height, which is a must for home gyms with multi-users.


How To Choose A Power Rack

power rack set upsChoosing the best power rack for your needs might seem tough at first. There are various options in the market and each manufacturing company can be very different offering unique features and specs. When you’ve allocated a couple hundred dollars on a piece of equipment that will live with you for many years, you want to be darn sure you’re making the right decision.

Let’s look at some of the key features you should look at when deciding on the best power rack for your home gym.


Sturdy, Robust, Weight Capacity


Your power rack should be durable; after all, it’s there to stay. Purchasing a sturdy and robust power rack, with a large weight capacity is one of the first things you should look for.

Even if you’re not yet at the heavy lifting stage, you might surprise yourself with the amount of progress you can make over the weeks, months, and years of training, especially doing compound movements inside your power rack.

For this reason, getting a power rack with a large weight capacity will save you the hassle of upgrading it after some time. Working out with proper form inside a power rack is definitely going to make you stronger, so you will want your rack to support all the heavy weight you’ll be pushing or pulling in the years to come.


Size (Width & Height)


This depends on two factors, your height and the floor space you have to spare. But generally, it’s best to get the tallest power rack possible that you can fit in your home gym. This improves the number of exercises you can perform inside the rack and it can also come in handy in case you have a taller friend working out with you.

The minimum height should allow you to perform standing overhead presses and the minimum width should allow you to perform exercises like the back squats and deadlifts without feeling too restricted in the space available.


Uprights (Internal & External)


The ability to modify the height of the barbell both inside and outside the rack is an important feature when trying to switch between different exercises inside your power rack. If you need to step outside your rack for a different exercise, you want a rack that allows you doing that. The uprights should also have narrow spacing to allow you to tweak the heights according the requirements of the exercise you’re performing.


Safety Pins


This is an obvious one. Safety pins are an essential requirement in my book and they need to also have very narrow spacing between them. These should be again set according to the requirements of the exercised performed. Different movements will require different heights. Easily adjustable safety pins can save you time when changing exercises or switching the user inside the power rack.


Power Rack Accessories


Just like any other fitness equipment, many power rack models come with a variety of attachments and accessories that can add some versatility to your workout regimen.

By expanding the variety of exercises you can accomplish, you are getting a more effective workout and hitting your muscles differently than the standard exercises. Some of the attachments might not be of importance to the average user, but the right accessories can deliver a more complete workout. The main attachments and accessories that are usually available for most racks online are:

  • Extra spot pins: for improved safety or different levels of exercise difficulty.
  • Dip bar: just like the name suggests, it allows you to perform chest dips, an important compound movement that really help in forming your chest muscles.
  • Chin-up bar: Also known as pull-up bar, usually requires that the power rack is of decent height, or else the pull-up experience is limited.
  • Chain storage: In case you use chains in your workouts, this accessory will keep them stored and avoids any unnecessary tangling that can cause an injury in the gym.
  • J- hooks: These are a must since they provide good value for the price. Usually cheap, but look for ones that are chrome plated to last you longer.
  • Landmine Handle: it’s a handle that facilitates gripping the barbell for unilateral rotational workout.


How To Use Your Power Rack Correctly

Just like correct form is vital to any other exercise, fitness equipment need to be used in a correct way to reap their benefits.

Since lifts performed in the power rack are mostly compound ones, working multiple muscle groups allows for you to lift heavier weights.

For this reason, taking your safety seriously inside the power rack is the best way to use it for your advantage. Learn to identify the correct height at which you will set the safety bars. This is usually related to your own height and sometimes wingspan. Remember that correct form and safety is the core of your training and without them, no real benefit is provided from any fitness equipment.

power rack benefits
image via @emmeguccione on Instagram

Stay aware of your location, as stepping far out of the rack will make it difficult for its safety mechanisms to save you in case of any unwanted incident. As you are setting up your safety points, make sure that you are still performing the full range of motion especially while doing squats or bench press. As stopping the exercise mid-way to perform another rep could increase the risk of injury.

Trial and error will help you set up the power rack efficiently, so avoid working out with heavy weight until you are very confident of the safety positions of your rack.


Our Top Rated Power Racks


Atlas Power Rack Cage

atlas best power rack

One of the highest rated power racks in the market for home gyms.

It has a sturdy build and a weight capacity of 800 lbs. I’d love to see that bar loaded up with all 800lbs.! There are 28 different height adjustment options for plenty of variety in the big compound exercises like bench press, overhead shoulder press, and shrugs.

A chin bar is included but all the other accessories are available for an additional price. You will need a wrench and a socket to assemble this power rack after delivery and you will probably need someone else to help you complete the assembly.





Titan Fitness T-3 Series Fold Back Power Rack

Titan best power rack

Let’s face it; not all of us have enough space in our home gyms to fit in all the equipment we dream of having.

titan power rackThe Titan T-3 series is the perfect power rack for those who are looking for quality material without hogging too much floor space. Being collapsible is probably the biggest selling point, but this power rack comes with J-hooks include, a 1000 lbs weight capacity, 2″x3″ steel tubes. Of course, being a wall mounted power rack means a trickier assembly for those who have no tools around the house. Instructions come with the box, but don’t really specify the tools needed to put everything together.

Since Titan Fitness is offering free delivery and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, I can forgive them for not providing a more detailed manual.





Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack

valor best power rack

A very robust frame of 2.5″ x 2.5″ steel tubing makes the Valor Athletics Hard one of the most solid racks on the market.

We like the built-in chin bar or pull-up station with its chrome finishing and the welded face plates at the back of the base to increase stability under heavier weight loads or when swinging from the chin bar.

Plate storage is also available and can hold 2 full-sized Olympic barbells. This power rack has an easily-adjustable safety catch that comes in handy in exercises such as squats or bench press. The manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty on the frame and can hold up to 650 lbs.





Rogue R-6 Power Rack

Rogue best power rack

Rogue Fitness is a well-established company and has provided top-quality equipment since its inception in 2007.

Their R-6 power rack is the newest addition equipped more towards serious athletes and lifters looking to take their training to the next level. So if you’re just starting or a beginner, I suggest you save your money and get something else.

To assemble this beast you will definitely need some help. The good news is, by following the instructions and having the right set of tools, you won’t need more than an hour to assemble it. Even though you needed help setting it up the Rogue R-6 power rack, you will never need a spotter. Top-notch safeguards are there to make sure you are safe no matter what exercise you are performing. There’s a monkey chin bar available, a ton of plate storage, and comes with 2 infinity J-cups too. The best power rack in the market could possibly be the Rogue R-6.





PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

Powerline best power rack

You want the safety of the Rogue R-6 but not yet at the fitness level to warrant a $1000+ purchase, then the PPR200X might be a suitable option for your needs.

With a weight capacity of 750 lbs. The safety bars here rival the high-end power racks and act as an alert spotter to make sure you don’t end up with an unpleasant situation inside the rack.

All of the additional attachments are available at an additional price, but that’s the only thing that is missing. A sturdy frame, 18 positions for more variety in your workouts, top-grade safety bars, and a wide walk-in design makes the PPR200X a recommended mid-range power rack that will last for years.





Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

body solid pro best power rack

Made from 11 gauge steel frame, coated with an electrostatic-ally applied powder coat to resist chipping and scratching; the body-solid Pro is a no frills sturdy power rack that is built to endure heavy workouts.

We love the wide workout area, the 20 adjustment levels placed 3 inches apart and the saber-style safety rods.

It can be a little more time consuming than the other racks to assemble, but unless you change homes every other month; this shouldn’t be a deal breaker. This is a large 7 foot rack with a maximum recommended weight of 800 lbs.





Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage

Cap best power rack

An advanced and modern power rack that deserves a place in the best power rack mentions is the Cap Barbell Ultimate.

The features here are not usually available outside commercial gyms, but the manufacturer did a great job in packing everything in one single package.

We keep repeating that safety is number one, and there’s no compromise in that here. The rubber-lined safety rails provide a safe environment in case you failed to complete that last heavy rep or your PR attempt. There are 2 bars here, a normal chin up and a monkey bar to provide you with more variety.

A plyometric jump platform is available here, something we didn’t see in other racks, a knee raise station, and removable bottle holders. It has a wide design for more freedom inside the cage enough weight storage to hide all your plates on them.





Deltech Fitness Power Rack

Deltech best power rack

A unique design is what sets this power rack apart from the others. It has safety catches with hooks both on the inside and outside for improved safety.

For the price range, it has a decent weight limit of 750 lbs. and a heavy gage steel frame. It comes with the standard chin bar, a wide workout area and the base frame has also been stretched back to let you to place a bench at a more relaxed position between the uprights.

This comes as a basic power rack and all other accessories and attachments are available for an additional cost. Deltech customer service has been praised for great cooperation and looking after the clients’ satisfaction, so at the current price, we consider this power rack as a good bargain on the market.





The Best Value Power Rack

Powerline best power rackThe PPR200X is the best value power rack we saw, providing similar safety levels to the Rogue R-6 but at half the price tag.

With sufficient adjustment positions and a high weight capacity along with a durable solid frame, the PPR200x is a great value for money and is guaranteed to live for a long time.

You can easily load 400 lbs and break your squat PR without fear of breaking the frames of this sturdy power rack.




The Most Affordable Power Rack

Titan power rackThe Titan Fitness T-3 foldable power rack is the most affordable one without compromising on features.

Yes it may be tricky to install at first, but it delivers great features at a small price without a lot of floor space.

It is durable and can hold heavy weights; I salute you if you are pushing the 1000 lbs weight limit on this rack!

Make sure to take your time and assemble it well, and it will perform as any high-quality power rack in the market.




The Overall Best Power Rack

Rogue best power rackWithout a doubt, the Rogue R-6 is the best power rack out of all of the ones previously discussed.

Unmatched safety, lot of storage capability and lots of bundled accessories makes it the best power rack in the market for home gyms.

We know it costs a hefty price, but if you’re a serious athlete then there’s no need to search any further.

This is a piece that is guaranteed to be passed from one generation to another as it simply won’t break.



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