Best Power Tower For 2020

Best Power Tower

Finding the best power tower for your home gym is crucial. Bodyweight exercises will always have a special place in any workout especially for those of us working out at home.

Many at-home core exercises include push-ups and crunches. The only problem with these two is finding different angles and movements to increase the intensity. A power tower can do just that! It doesn’t take up much space which makes it perfect for a home gym.

What is a power tower?

Power towers have a high bar for performing pull-up exercises and a forearm pad used for ab exercises dips. You can find power towers that also include a push-up station usually on the opposite side.


What exercises can you do with a power tower?

There are many exercises that you can do with a power tower:

Pull-ups: The iconic pull-ups are considered a golden standard in military fitness and for good reason. They provide many benefits as a compound exercise since they target the lats, rhomboids, shoulders, and arm muscles.

To perform a proper pull-up, grab the bar with your hands placed at shoulder width and palms facing away from you.

Pull your body until your chin is crossing the bar and slowly return to the hanging position. With experience, you can use additional weight to make the exercise more challenging.

Chin-ups: Similar to pull-ups, but will engage different muscles when performed correctly.

Grab the bar with a lesser width than the one used with pull-ups. keep your forearms parallel to each other and your palms facing you. You have to pull your body until your chin crosses the bar.

You will feel the burn in your biceps and forearms, but try your hardest to focus on pulling your weight with your back muscles.

Dips: This is one of the best upper-body compound exercises that can really sculpt your muscles if performed correctly.

There are two variations of dips which significantly change the targeted muscles. The tricep dip is performed by keeping your body more upright, which can place a lot of stress on your shoulders.

On the other hand, chest dips require you to lean your body forward during the movement while going all the way to the bottom until you feel the stretch in your pecs.

Knee raises:  An advanced exercise used to target the lower abdominals, and can hit the oblique muscles if twists are done during the exercise.

The power tower should have a back support, which keeps your body from swinging back and forth. This allows you to focus on your form.

Support yourself using the bars with your lower body hanging freely.

While you exhale, pull your knees towards your chest and continue the movement by rounding your back, until your knees almost touch your chest. By twisting your torso, you will be engaging your oblique muscles instead of your abs.

Of course, certain models might come with additional accessories or built in stations that can squeeze in a couple different exercises. Since these 4 exercises are the backbone of a bodyweight workout, any power tower you think of purchasing should at least accommodate for a comfortable and safe exercise session that includes them.

Here’s our best power tower comparison chart: 

Power TowerWeight CapacityDimensionsPrice

XMark XM-4434

350 lbs54.5L x 48W x 86H in$$

Bowflex BodyTower

300 lbs50L x 50W x 77H in$$$

Gold's Gym XR 10.9

250 lbs57L x 41W x 84H in$$

Body Vision PT600

250 lbs57.5L x 42.5W x 84.63H in$$

Weider Power Tower

300 lbs57L x 41W x 84H in$$

Stamina 1690

250 lbs41.5L x 50W x 81.5H in$

Body Champ

250 lbs58.5L x 46.5W x 83H in$$

IRONMAN Triathlon X

400 lbs63.4L x 49W x 83H in$$$

XMark XM-4434


A classic all-rounder power tower with dip station and pull-up bar; simple and does a good job in providing you with sturdiness to perform your favorite exercises. Made from tubular steel with a longer footprint, which makes it handle the most explosive movements even from heavier bodies

Features we like:

  • Handles for push-up assistance
  • Wide, medium, and close-grip chins
  • Balanced dip extension for challenging chest and tricep workouts
  • Padded leg lifts along with forearm and back supports

What we like about the XMark XM-4434 is the sturdiness and the absence of “shakes” during workouts.

This is very beneficial for beginners trying to perfect their form without having to worry about the power tower moving. It also stands out from competitors by the pin-and-rivets that hold each section of it together compared with the standard wing nut tightening method. These are signs of a quality, durable machine.




Bowflex Body Tower


If you’re willing to spend a little more money and get a high-grade robust power tower that comes with all the extras, then the Bowflex Body Tower is perfect for you!

Features we like:

  • Sling straps that are there to help you perform certain exercises like pull-up or knee raises.

Of course, when paying a premium price you will expect premium quality and that is exactly what Bowflex offers.

We like this model for its versatility and the many additional exercises that you can perform with it. A nice addition is the exercise instruction guide on the machine that suggests different lifts you can do with the power tower.




Gold’s Gym XR 10.9


A popular brand that built a truly flawless, if not one of the best power towers on the market for home gyms. All the essentials are covered by the Gold’s Gym XR 10.9.

Features we like:

  • Knee-raise station to hit your abs from different angles
  • Padded push-up station
  • Multi-grip pull-up station to target every muscle in your back
  • A dip station to perfect those chest and triceps

The width on this model is a little smaller than the other power towers, making it a perfect choice for those with very limited home gym space. With that being said, it has a weight limit of 250 lbs. and made of solid material, so no real compromise here at all.




Body Vision PT600


If you’re looking for comfort and style, then the Body Vision PT600 is a no-brainer to add to our best power tower list.  It’s extremely popular in the Crossfit community, this model was designed for speedy transitions between different exercises.

Features we like:

  • The pull-up grips are positioned overhead for use after a knee-raise dismount.
  • The push-up and dip handles allow a quick drop into from a hanging position to the floor.

Another thing we liked in this model is the ability to easily modify the height of the power tower. This is extremely useful when there are multiple people using it.

Aside from commercial gyms, this power tower is usually found in rehab facilities and physical therapy centers due to the adjustability and sturdiness of its frame.




Weider Power Tower


This bad boy is the ultimate power tower and generally used by experienced athletes that are looking for heavy body weight workouts at home. It’s a little bigger and bulkier than some of the other power towers but offers a wider frame for heavier weight. With an attractive price tag, any beginner should feel comfortable using this machine as it was built to take a beating.

You will probably be able to target more muscles with this power tower and with the use of heavier weights. The build on this power tower is strong with coated steel tubing, for a 300 lbs weight capacity. It also comes with an exercise chart and a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Features that we like:

  • Tricep, chest, and shoulder lifts with the standard dip grip
  • Abdominals, lower back, and even quadriceps with the padded captain’s chair
  • Chest, and arms workouts using the push-up grips on the opposite side
  • A wide pull-up bar for complex back muscle development



Stamina 1690


Possibly the lightest and most versatile power tower that we recommend, the Stamina 1690 leaves a small floor footprint and is very easy to assemble making it a great choice for beginners.

Though this tower is small, it’s made from tubular steel so it can handle heavy weights. You can perform all the essential exercises that can be expected from a power tower.

The grip alignments are also geared towards helping beginners learn proper form even during difficult workouts. We like that the sit-up station includes padded grips for your hands or feet. This is often a feature that gets overlooked in higher-priced models.

Priced under $100, the Stamina 1690 is a great addition to your home gym without taking up a ton of floor space.




Body Champ Power Tower


The Body Champ model boasts an anatomically-angled VKR forearm pad with the goal of reducing the stress placed on the shoulders/rotator cuffs muscles.

In terms of a comprehensive workout, the Body Champ Power tower has all the features needed for a complete bodyweight workout and is ergonomically designed to not only relieve stress on your shoulders but also your back.

Just like the Body Vision PT600, it provides a great opportunity to perform circuits of different exercises all within a small footprint. The company also has DVD workouts showing how to use the power tower. Assembly can take more than an hour, but once completed, you will be left with a sturdy exercise equipment that will last a lifetime.




IRONMAN Triathlon X


This is a high-end Power tower that has the highest weight capacity of any of the power towers reviewed here.

The Ironman is made of a heavy duty powder coated steel frame. It is also ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support for your back during abdominal exercises and shoulders while on the dipping station.

There are 2 adjustable handlebars with foam rollers and multiple mounting positions for adaptable handle bars. The knee raise handles are also equipped with 2 adjustable positions.

This power tower will strengthen your upper body and your core muscles due to the variety of exercises that can be performed. We liked the angled mainframe that provides maximum back support through a padded cushion.  The assembly directions are clear and precise and should take you less than 45 minutes. If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment, then the Ironman Triathlon X could possibly be one of the best power towers on the market.



So which one is it going to be? We’ve provided you with all of the information you need to compare and analyze the best power tower for 2020.


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