Best Running Belt Of 2020

Whether it’s your phone, a ring, gel, goop, or some form of hydration, you want them with you while you run. The problem you may run into with a traditional backpack is its bulkiness, weight, and it rubbing on your shoulders and back. The simple solution is a running belt and in the comparison guide we’re talking about the best running belt for 2020.


Before we dive into the 100’s of different belts on the market, we need to first establish a few things like what important features we want. Below we’ll chat about the main features/components of a good running belt (or running fanny pack).

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Best Running Belt Features To Consider

Belt use

First things first.

Why are you looking for the best running belt in the first place? Chances are, you love:

  • long distance running
  • mountain/terrain running
  • sprints and or track running
  • even running errands! 🙂

Knowing how you’ll use the runner’s belt the most is extremely important since not all running waist belts are made equally. Don’t just assume that it’s a one size fits all deal. A high-quality running belt will perform better for the longer distances while other runner’s belts are better for more agile movements with sprints, HIIT trainings, and terrain dominations.



Is weight even important? I mean, like how heavy could one of those things possibly be?

Knowing your use-case is extremely important when you consider the weight of your running belt. An extra half a pound stretched out over 15 miles could completely mess with your groove.

As long as the functionality and quality is there, it’s generally always better to go with a lighter, more efficient weight.

Secure Fit

Do you remember when you were a kid running to the bus stop with a backpack full of books?

Yes. Nobody has time for the jiggle biggles.

It’s important for you to know your exact waist size when sizing up the best running belt for yourself. If you don’t know your exact size, take the two minutes and measure it with a tape measure.

Most running waist belts have straps that are adjustable from 27″ to 40″, however, some come in standard sizes such as small, medium, or large (where each size has a specified range).

Know the range. Any good company should provide a size chart. Make sure you scan the size chart before you buy.


Do you track a lot of miles on the streets? If so, it’s not such a bad thing to not get hit by a car. Some of the best running belts come equipped with reflector patches to keep you safe while running in dim to low light.


When you think of running and hydration I’m sure you paint the image of a backpack with the hydration tube attached to a bladder – better known as a hydration backpack.

This is not the case with running belts. Since a running belt is pretty much a fancy runner’s fanny pack, there is no convenient method to get a tube up to your mouth. If you’re looking for one of these, you may want to check out our best picks for running backpacks.


Pull out your phone or a sheet of paper and write down everything you usually take with you on those runs. Visualization is key here and mapping these things out will better help you find the perfect waist pack for runners with just the right amount of storage for your needs.

The Cool Factor

Come on now. Nobody wants to run around the city all day with an ugly stump around their waists! YOU NEED THE COOL factor!


Sometimes cool comes by way of sleekness, or bright colors, or functionality. But, whatever your cool is, be that!

Now that we’ve established a few rules and baselines here for selecting a quality running belt, let’s check out some of our favorites.

Best Running Belts Complete Comparison Chart 2020


NamePictureColor OptionsPriceRating (out of 5)



Nathan 5k


Moko Fitness Belt




Nathan Gel


Short2People Running Pouch


Camden Gear Belt


Dimok Running Belt


Easymate Fashion Running Belt


YogaReflex Running Belt


A Closer Look At Our Top 5 Best Running Belts


The FlipBelt running belt is top of the line.

best running belt

If you’re willing to pay a bit extra for the best, then this is the best running belt that you can get, no questions asked. You’re getting a belt that has no bounce when running and is machine washable. Nobody has time for a stinky jogging belt around their waist. With phones now getting too big for the wristbands, you can comfortable store it in your FlipBelt as well as all of your other favorite long distance, short distance, grocery shopping things that you’d need.flipbelt-running-belt3-600

FlipBelts are also designed and shipped from the USA. They are the original manufacturers of the tubular belt.

Something really cool that FlipBelt does is stand by their product 100%! That means they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Don’t you just love when a company is so confident in the quality within their product that they are willing to refund you completely if it doesn’t live up to the expectations?

You may find a bunch of knock-offs on the market, so be careful! Some of the main differences are that FlipBelt features maximum stretch and recovery stitching, flat seam and piping, reinforced stitching, a 3M reflective logo, the highest quality micropoly fabric and DOUBLE stitching (a big one).

Not to mention in a world where peer reviews are a BIG DEAL, the FlipBelt has over 4,000 4.5/5 star reviews on Amazon!




Nathan 5k

The Nathan 5k is a popular belt amongst the long distance runners. It’s not as popular (overall) as the FlipBelt, but, an extremely solid belt.

The main difference between the Nathan and the FlipBelt is that the Nathan is shaped a bit bigger. There’s a little more room to put your stuff. See this image below? This belt has tracked many pavement miles and fits all the goodies a runner would need.

Nathan 5k fits lots

The Nathan 5k is another running fanny pack that boasts a 0 bounce policy. Just check the hundreds of reviews on Amazon. This belt stays right where you put it at the beginning of your run. Below is one of my favorite color options, and there are at least 6 different options to choose from.

Nathan 5k pink

The Nathan 5k running belt is slightly cheaper than the FlipBelt and is fully adjustable – one-size-fits-all with the buckle strap.



The SPIbelt running belt is one of our favorites because of its simpleness. It’s small, lightweight yet has a solid pouch that can hold the necessities. One of the best things about this running belt for runners is the color options. I mean seriously. Look at all of them – 35+:

spibelt running belt colors

So besides the color, we really like that it’s made of stretchable spandex. This offers an extremely comfortable fit while also staying within the no-bounce zone.

You may not have as much cargo space with the SPIbelt, but it’s sleekness and street appeal definitely make up for it. And in case you’re wondering how popular it is…well, it has over 1200 extremely positive reviews on Amazon.


Camden Gear

We like the Camden Gear running belt for a few different reasons. It comes with 2 BPA-free water bottles. These aren’t your average water bottles. These are made specifically for this runner’s belt. They aren’t too big, so when you fill them up it doesn’t feel like you have two 10-pound weights hanging from your waist.

camden gear running belt with bottles

One of the down-sides to the running belt is depending on your body structure it may want to slide up while running. After reviewing many reviews of people who experiences this, they all seemed to figure out a trick to keep it tied down in one place. Didn’t seem like it was a very big deal with this belt having over 1000 extremely positive reviews as well!


Nathan Gel

The Nathan Gel is similar to it’s counterpart – the 5k. But there are some differences. For one, it features an outside mesh compartment for trash or anything that may need to air out while you run. It also has an expandable pocket which is a solid feature considering you don’t want a bunch of big pockets dangling from your belt. Also note that there is a key clip to add an extra safety measure to not lose those keys!

We don’t like that there’s only one color option (black), but if you don’t mind that then this is a running belt that will be a part of your runs for a long time!

Nathan Gel Running belt

Cool tip: don’t rip off the id flap! You can actually use it to store a credit card.




What Top Fitness/Cardio Experts Are Saying About Their Favorite Running Belts

My favorite parts of FlipBelt is actually the entire belt! I keep my keys safe, my iPhone steady and close to my body (keeping it warm even at low temperature when it normally will stop working) and the belt also works as “a belt” preventing my running trousers from sliding down! – Torill Fonn


[BONUS TIP] Torill believes that a long distance runner should always have fun running! Even when it’s tough. Positive thoughts always beat the negative. Approaching a steep hill, a seemingly impossible distance or whatever it is that’s scary to you, will be a piece of cake with a smile on your face and an attitude of “I can do it!”

My favorite thing about my FlipBelt is that I can load it up with gels, keys, my iphone, and chopstick and it doesn’t bounce when I run! It stays in place and holds everything I need during my runs. – Julie Schulze @juliesrunninglife


[BONUS TIP] Avoid comparing yourself to other runners. We’re all on our own running journey and the goal is to be better than yesterday!


Final Thoughts + The ZojiAwards

Overall Top Dog: FlipBelt

Is this really a surprise? Their history in the market, 100% satisfaction guarantee, they’re just the best. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if you simply want the best running belt overall, you get the FlipBelt.

flipbelt best overall running belt

Best Value: Moko Fitness Belt

The Moko Fitness Belt takes the best value for your dollar for a few reasons. It’s SUPER inexpensive. We’re talking like less than $10!


It has over 400 extremely positive reviews on Amazon. So the quality (for the price) is valued pretty high. It’s functional with most all of the different cell phone devices. Reflective strip, two different pockets with zippers, and a built-in reflective strip.

My favorite part though…

This camo print…

moko running belt

Most Stylish: SPIbelt

As we mentioned above, we absolutely love the color options with this running belt. That’s why it’s one of our top 5 best running belts! There’s just something about those bright colors that just POP!


Most Functional: Camden Gear

The Camden Gear running belt brings home the trophy for most functional. Do you remember why? We dig the customized water bottles that come free with it. This is a feature that not all belts have. The water bottles are small and sleek but will quench your thirst when you need it without adding a ton of weight.camden-functional-running-belt

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