Best Speed Cable Jump Rope

Most people trying to lose weight or stay fit mistakenly believe that they must get an expensive gym membership or heavy-duty exercise equipment. Little do they know that exercising with the best speed cable jump rope can burn a TON of calories.

Well, that’s not true. All you need is a good speed jump rope. Jump roping is actually one of the most effective exercises you can do at home and at your own time and pace. By the end of this post, you’ll have a solid idea at some of the best speed cable jump ropes.
There are different types of jump ropes on the market and people normally confuse them. Here is a look at the differences and all you need to know about how the best speed cable jump rope should perform.

Different types of jump ropes

Beaded jump ropes: These are jump ropes made of a nylon inner cord covered with plastic or polyurethane. They have beads of different colors that assist in visibility.

Leather jump rope: This one is slightly heavier than the vinyl speed rope. It has a thicker cord and a handle made of wood.

Cloth jump rope: It is made from cloth and slides on the floor easily. It is mostly used for competitions and exhibitions.

Kids’ jump ropes: Just like the name suggests, these ropes are meant for kids. They are shorter and lighter than adult ropes.

Speed cable jump rope: These ropes are made from a thin vinyl cord. They are the best since they withstand the concrete or other harsh surfaces. Unlike other jump ropes, the speed jump ropes are easily adjustable since you only need to tie a knot in the rope below the handle. This means that they can be used by people of different heights. It is called the speed jump rope because it is much faster and lighter than most jump ropes.

Benefits of using speed cable jump rope

A speed jump rope actually exercises the entire body. The fact that it’s faster than other ropes makes it efficient to work on your shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, calves, thighs, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles.

They strengthen your bones and muscle fibers. A prolonged lack of exercise usually produces loss of muscle elasticity and bone density. With increased stiffness, you will be prone to injuries and speed jump ropes helps avoid that.
It is also obvious that using a speed jump rope is inexpensive as compared to going to the gym. The equipment is also easily accessible and can be found in any retailer and fitness store.

The best speed cable jump ropes in the market

1. ZojiRope Speed Jump Rope
zojiropes-main-product-pic-updated11-22-15This is one of the best speed jump ropes in the market. Made from a quick ball-bearing technology, you get the best performance ever. The longer end piece handle gives the user a perfect grip at all times.

Unlike other ropes that tangle when carrying, the ZojiRope is set up in a portable nylon drawstring bag that keeps it from tangling. The package comes with a bonus rope and just in case you want to swap out colors, you can easily do that.

Entire Bundle Just: $24.99

Grab it

2. FRONING SR-1F Speed Rope

This speed rope has been built to handle double-under demands of fitness. What makes it different is that it includes tapered, 6.5 inch rotating handles that come with TPE over mold to give you a reliable, no-slip grip.

Whether a beginner or a professional gym enthusiast, this rope is optimized for both speed and durability to give you the best experience thanks to the coated 3/32 inch cable. You will definitely love Froning SR-1F’s new color palette: black handles with gray coating on the cable and grips.

Price: $23.95

3. ELITE Surge CrossFit Speed Rope

With this type of speed rope, you get machine-cut, high grade anodized aluminum handles that will last longer. The kink-resistant, nylon-coated is the other feature that makes this speed jump rope a must have.

It is more durable and something you can depend on as compared to other cables that have been coated with poor quality material that doesn’t last.

That said, you don’t have any reason why you don’t own any of the mentioned ropes. All of them give you the same benefits. If you want to stay healthy and keep fit, this is the best route to follow.

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