Best Spin Bikes For 2020 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cycling is a great exercise, but to be honest—no one wants to go out and cycle in heavy rain, icy weather, or in scorching summer heat. Getting a nice workout burn in even when the weather doesn’t permit is a great feeling. That’s why we’re talking about the Best Spin Bikes today and help you make the best decision in choosing a top-quality indoor bike for your home.

spinning bikes in classIndoor bikes have found their way into homes and provided an alternative way to exercising when the weather doesn’t permit for an outdoor workout. Nowadays, gyms and fitness studios offer more and more spinning classes on indoor cycling bikes.

A 45-minute ride on a spinning bike to the beat of loud music is guaranteed to burn a few hundred calories, raise your serotonin levels and improve your cardio-vascular health.

Luckily, for those of us who don’t have time to commute to the nearest gym, indoor bikes can easily be kept at home as they require little space and maintenance. With a huge selection of indoor cycling bikes available, we did the work for you in helping you pick the best spinning bike for a healthier you.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best spinning bikes available. Be sure to scroll through this post as we dive further into some of the best indoor cycling bikes on the market. 

 ResistanceDigital DisplayWeight CapacityWorkout TrackingPriceWhere To Find It?
Keiser M3i
keiser top spin bike
Magnetic resistanceBluetooth wireless display300 lbsFull$$$


Star Trac Spinner Blade ION
Control resistance knobLCD+ ANT+ connectivity350 lbsFull$$$


Spinner Aero Premium
Control resistance knobNone300 lbsn/a$$


Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 5100
Micro adjustable magnetic resistanceNone300 lbsn/a$$


CycleFire Indoor Cycling Bike
Manual knobLCD400 lbsFull$$


Sunny Health Fitness SF-B1516
Micro adjustable resistanceNone300 lbsn/a$$


Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II
Manual knobLCD275 lbsMinimal$


Marcy XJ-3220
Manual knobNone300 lbsn/a$


Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike
8 level magneticLCD300 lbsMinimal$


ProGear 100S
2 levelsLCD250 lbsMinimal$



What are the benefits of indoor cycling?


Burning calories and getting in shape are usually the first benefits that come to mind, but exercising on an indoor cycling bike can be even more rewarding.

best spin bikesIndoor spinning stimulates quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

Your position on the bike will determine the muscles activated by the spinning session. While in your saddle, increase the intensity for a seated ascent. This extra resistance helps shape gluteus and hamstring muscles.

Change the bike’s resistance by coming out of your saddle for a standing hill, and feel the burn in your quadriceps and calf muscles. Indirect muscles or stabilizers will get a workout too, mainly your hip flexors, abs, biceps, triceps and lower back.

To keep you centered on your indoor bike, the core must remain tight while you preserve a constant pedal stroke. Your biceps and triceps are under constant tension while keeping you in position during different cycling positions.

Exercising, in general, will lower the risks of certain conditions, such as some types of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. On top of these physical results, mental benefits such as stress reduction, better sleep, and the ability to treat mild to moderate depression make indoor spinning a powerful tool to feel better.

For those of us with joint problems, it is worthy to note that despite such a high-intensity workout, it is surprisingly ranked as a very low impact exercise.

When performed correctly, there is little to no stress on your hip, knee and ankle joints. Learn how to properly set up your indoor cycling bike and forget about pain and stiffness in your joints. The circular motion avoids the gruesome pounding and stress often caused by other workouts such as running or aerobics classes.


How to properly use a spinning bike?


Your position on the bike can define your comfort.

There is room for plenty of adjustments in handlebar and saddle height, and many bikes also allow you to tweak the seat angle. Small changes can sometimes lead to more comfort, making you both enjoy and benefit from your spinning session.

The bike seat is supposed to support your body weight while allowing flexible movements around on the seat when necessary. An exaggerated upward tilt can result in pressure points. Tilt your seat downwards too much and it will cause you to slide forward while adding extra stress on your arms, hands and knees.

Now to fine-tune your seat height, start by placing your heels on the pedals, and moving them backward, making sure that your knees are getting fully extended in the down position. If you notice a movement in your hips, then the seat is too high for you. Now place the balls of your feet over the pedals, your knees should bend slightly. Start pedaling until your reach full extension without pointing your toes at any stage.

Next step, adjusting the handlebars – as If they are in an incorrect position for your, it may lead to muscular-skeletal problems, especially in the neck, shoulder, and back muscles. The reach should be comfortable enough on your elbows for you to make through the whole ride. An easy shortcut is simply looking at the front wheel axle, if it’s obscured by the handlebars, then you’re most likely in a correct position.

Not all bikes will have feet straps to clip your feet on the pedals, but all the best spin bikes that we’re covering in this article will have these.

Pedal straps will allow you to use securely fit your shoes on the pedals for a better pedal stroke. Speaking of shoes, let’s take a look at your apparel.


Spinning gear to consider having for a comfortable ride


The best spin bikes have to be coupled with the best gear.

Spinning Shoes

To make the most of your workout, good fitting shoes are a must — it will provide you with comfort, efficiency, and stability. Pick something with reinforced sole to provide a direct link to the pedals for increased power. Another feature you will like is shoes with ports for air-flow and water drainage to help keep your feet dry and fresh.


Sports bra

Women will definitely require a quality sports bra. Not only will it provide you with adequate support, but it will also be ready to handle a sweaty ride. A good sports bra should not chafe the skin whether in a spinning class or at home. So the keyword to look for here is “sweat-resistant”.



Compression bottoms

Even though it’s a low-impact activity and practically comfortable when done properly, this doesn’t mean you can wear any of your loose fitting pants or shorts— wearing something that won’t interfere with the mechanics of the bike is a must. Of course, sweat is always a factor, so go for moisture wicking gear to make sure you’re getting the best material for your ride.


Athletic tops

The same thing applies to your top; remember to get something that will absorb moisture while keeping you fresh. Get something that fits well, but not too tight. A nice addition to the previously mentioned would be a good and solid water bottle. A sweaty workout will definitely need hydration. Get something that is designed to fit in the bottle holders on the bike and that would be easy to use mid-session.


Other gear you should consider:


Proper maintenance for an indoor cycling bike


Just like any other piece of equipment, your indoor bike will require preventive maintenance in order to live longer. Indoor cycling bikes are very easy to keep in excellent shape.

  • Start by wiping it down after every session to remove dirt, sweat, and moisture. You can simply use water and soap for this or a non-abrasive solution.

You might need to acquire these tools that are usually found at your local bike-store:

  • Wrench set
  • Chain Lube
  • Cleaner/Furniture Polish

Next you want to think rust-prevention, a major risk that can shorten your bike-lifespan.

  • Start by raising all posts to the maximum setting to bare moisture. Using a spongy cloth, wipe down all areas that moisture can settle.

The areas that require the most attention are:

  • Handlebar
  • Seat / Seat-slide
  • Flywheel
  • Back leg assembly
  • Chain guard
  • Brake knob and bolt assembly
  • Pop-pins
  • Leveling feet

The more detailed preventive maintenance that should be performed at least once a month is for the overall condition of the bike. Keep an eye for vibrations and possible loose components. Try to listen and identify any unusual vibration or noise from the drive chain while riding. Also make sure to do the following:

Also, make sure to do the following:

  • Check for adequate flywheel alignment. Torque flywheel nuts if needed.
  • Disassemble the chain guard and check for loose chain
  • Inspect the bottom bracket Assembly (BBA) as it may require periodic tightening.
  • Loose play (left and right motion) indicates the BBA needs adjusting.
  • Inspect most parts, bolts and nuts for any looseness and tighten them well, in particular the frame base hardware, the pull-pin handles, the seat, the pedals and feet strap, and the knob assembly.
  • Check the brake pad for wear, Glazing or leather separation is usually a sign to replace the brake pad.
  • No rips or tears should be present on the seat pad.
  • Inspect pedals for loose play. Unwarranted movement of pedals indicates change is required.

You can also use a wire brush to prevent rust build-up in the tiny crevasses, such as leveling feet, pop pin handles, and additional bolt assemblies.


Spinning bike features to looks for


spinning workout
Photo cred: Instagram user @victoria_trujillo

It’s time to get you closer to purchasing your spin bike. You’ve decided to purchase an indoor cycling bike and started browsing around looking for the best spin bikes – the thousands of available models can confuse even a professional biker.

Focusing on the important features to look for in an indoor bike can save you both time and money while picking your next spinning bike.

Here are the features that the best spin bikes should have:


The core of any indoor cycling bike along with its strong stabilizing legs. It’s not easy to find this info when shopping online, unless specifically mentioned, but look for the strongest and sturdiest looking frame. Generally, looking at the total weight of the bike will give you an idea, so heavy is good.

Flywheel weight

Right at the front of an indoor bike, this is the wheel that spins when you pedal; the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the motion. The average weight of a flywheel for an indoor cycling bike is about 18kg – but as a rule, never purchase a bike with a flywheel weight below 15kg.

Drive system

This usually refers to two components, the chain and the belt. We would always go for bikes equipped with a belt driven system. This offers you a quieter ride requires minimal maintenance and can be easily modified when needed.

Braking system

The three common braking systems usually available on spinning bikes are fabric pad, leather pad and magnetic breaking. Fabric ones are used on the simplest and amateur bikes. Leather pads are the mid-range breaking system, lasting longer than fabric pads and are usually found in most fitness studio bikes. Magnetic braking systems are the top of the line feature that the best spin bikes should have, due to their very minimal contact, greater range of resistance and lack of maintenance needs. Even if you’re still starting with indoor cycling, we recommend this type of system for longevity and ease of mind.


Here we have four different types; cable, manual screw, electronic magnet and electromagnetic. Let’s start by disregarding the cable system from our mind immediately. It’s unreliable and not recommended at all. Also, the electromagnetic system, which is similar to the electronic magnet, is rarely found and usually expensive, so we will discard it also from our features. That leaves us with two types of resistance to consider:

Manual screw

Present on mid-high level bikes. It is a dependable system but provides no real indication to how much resistance is applied.

Electronic magnet

Uses a mini-motor for magnet movement. Usually allows the user to track resistance levels and simulate programs and is generally found on higher end models.


It doesn’t really affect your ride per se, but having the info on the screen in front of you can be helpful, not a necessity per se, but a nice addition to look for when shopping for the best spin bikes available. I like the ones that are bundled with a heart rate monitor, a nifty feature without real extra costs.

Frame adjustability

This is so important in case more than one person will use the bike. We recommend opting for and indoor bike with micro-adjustability which adjust both the seat and handlebar in any direction, allowing the user to not only get the accurate height but also reach for enhanced comfort.

Enclosed Mechanics for Safety

In case you have little children running around the house, you must pay attention to the build of your indoor cycling bike. Search for home injury statistics and you will stumble upon scary results. Thousands of children are injured due to improper usage of exercise machines in their own household. To get the peace of mind you deserve, make sure that the bike’s mechanics (like the chain and the flywheel) are enclosed, so that kids can’t slide their fingers in between or get other body parts stuck in them.

Excessive Noise

Might be the last thing on your head, but depending on the bikes’ resistance, some are quieter than others. Stay away from bikes equipped with fans since they tend to be noisier, due to their air resistance – that means the harder you pedal, the louder the noise. If you exercise at early hours in the morning or late at night, you probably want to keep it low for other people living in your household.



The Best spin bike brands


sunny top spin bikesSunny Health & Fitness, Based in Los Angeles, California, Sunny Health & Fitness has been distributing top quality spin bikes for over a decade. Customer support seems to be their strongest point and we have to say their warranties cover a fair amount of usage time.

keiser top spinning bikes

Keiser, since its inception, has been a company offering top of the line fitness products at prices affordable to the masses. With more than 200,000 spin bikes sold worldwide, you will notice that their magnetic resistance range is praised by both home and fitness studio users.

blades fitness top indoor bikes

Bladez Fitness is one of the oldest international fitness brand, originally based in Europe, and now in 65 countries worldwide. Delivering high quality products which are all built on their high-end legacy home fitness equipment. Bladez Fitness manufactures and distributes a wide range of fitness products, but their spin bikes are one of the most trusted and widely used products available in the market today.

spinning top indoor bikes

Spinning, is a joint venture between an entrepreneur named John Baudhuin and a South African cyclist named Johnny “Johnny G” Goldberg, both are credited with the creation of the first indoor bike technology. Since then, they have always integrated the latest technology into their wide selection of bike models, including intelligent unit systems that allow riders to profit from real-time feedback and track their progress over time.



The best spin bikes for home use


No matter what your budget is, we have compiled a list of the best spin bikes you could purchase to start spinning away in the comfort of your own home. Scroll back up to the top for a comparison chart that will sum it all up illustrating the different features in each bike.


#1 Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

keiser top spin bikeThis Keser M3i model introduces smart cycling along with cutting edge technology for indoor cycling.

It features Bluetooth wireless display and can pair up with your phone or tablet. It has a sexy black color scheme with a red flywheel guard.

All the other basic features we discussed earlier is available on this bike, making it our top choice (although pricey) for your home.

PRICE: $1,995




#2 Star Trac Spinner Blade ION Indoor Cycling Bike


spinning-spin-bikeThis bike is known to provide the user with fully adjustable resistance levels.

Riders can customize their spinning session with ease to ensure a great workout. Additionally, the bike can be configured to each user’s comfort zone.

The Star Trac requires less maintenance than other similar bikes to the on-board generator which powers the computer as you cycle.

As the rider starts pedaling, blue LED lights illuminate on the left side of the flywheel to indicate that the generator is providing juice to the computer. The screen allows displaying time, cadence, heart rate, distance and calories.

PRICE: $1224


#3 Spinner Aero Premium Authentic Indoor Cycle


spinning-spin-bike2The Spinner Aero range brings a lot of the commercial bike features into your home bike.

Distinguished by its sleek design, durability and its signature weighted flywheel – this is the closest you could get to a studio bike without shelling out a lot of money.

Fully customizable handlebar and pedal makes it perfect for multiple users in the same household.

As a bonus, Spinning is bundling this bike with 4 FREE DVDs, Ultimate Energy, Train and Tone, Turn and Burn and Maximum Results for better home workouts.

PRICE: $949


#4 Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Belt Drive


azura-spin-bikeThe Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Belt Drive features our recommended magnetic resistance system for a customized workout.

A solid steel frame boasts an adjustable seat and handlebar to ensure a comfortable workout. Dual water bottle holders, a unique feature that provides you with enough space to keep your bottle and anything else you’d like to have right at your side.

Dual water bottle holders, a unique feature that provides you with enough space to keep your bottle and anything else you’d like to have right at your side.

PRICE: $709



#5 CycleFire Indoor Cycling Bike


cycle-fire-bikeThe CycleFire indoor bike is both comfortable and fully adjustable to deliver smooth and quiet workouts.

It features a patented belt-drive system that never needs to be replaced like the chain belt-systems. It is built with a heavy-duty steel frame system with a standard 18kg flywheel, allowing the user to customize the resistance for an easier or more difficult workout.

At only half the price of high-end competitors, CycleFire has an LCD monitor for time tracking, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate by hand pulse. Quite a bargain for this new company.

PRICE: $572


#6 Sunny Health Fitness SF-B1516 Indoor bike


suny-spin-bikeThe Sunny Health & Fitness Company is known to provide bikes that suit every taste and need.

If you’re not looking to pay top dollar for high-grade ones, but still want your bike to be durable, portable and sturdy, then look no further.

This bike is made with a sturdy steel frame with a flywheel design for a quiet and smooth ride. There’s no compromise in customization here, the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable, along with the various resistance settings, to control the intensity of your workout.

The SF-B1516 indoor bike is a great in-home piece of equipment.

PRICE: $515


#7 Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle


bladez-spin-bikeBladez Fitness, a company that specializes in road bikes is now offering a great starter indoor bike that is completely filled with features normally available on commercial bikes.

The Fusion GS II has an upgraded frame design, dipped racing style handlebars, water bottle holder, and an LCD console that displays time, speed, distance, total distance and calories.

Some of its key features include a standard weight 18kg flywheel, an oval tube shaped frame, three-piece pedal crank system for added durability, sport pedals with toe basket, and much more.

PRICE: $299


#8 Marcy XJ-3220 Club Revolution Cycle Trainer


marcy-spin-bikeIf you’re looking for a no-frills bike that provides you with a decent workout, then the Marcy XJ-3220 is your answer.

Solidly built, equipped with an adjustable seat and handlebars for proper alignment.

A water bottle holder is also present next to an easy-to-reach manual resistance adjustment knob. Manufacturer includes a 2-year limited warranty with their bikes.

PRICE: $267



#9 Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse


exper-spin-bikeFor the price of a gym membership, Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is the lightest foldable Upright bike we have found.

It includes features like the “high torque” 3 piece crank system, 8 level magnetic resistances, and a “double drive” transmission. Its unique design makes it very popular for beginners along with the presence of leg stabilizers that prevent any movement or tipping during workouts.

Did we mention that for the price, it has a small LCD display that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and heart rate monitor?

PRICE: $130


#10 ProGear 100S Exercise Bike/Indoor Training Cycle


progear-spinning-bikeThe ProGear 100S Exercise Bike/Indoor Training Cycle is the perfect answer for those looking for an indoor cardiovascular workout, no matter the time or the weather.

It’s powerful enough to challenge you yet quiet enough for you to listen to some uplifting music or watch that missed episode of your favorite TV-show. A simple heart monitor and an LCD screen can help you keep track of your workouts.

It also includes a couple of nice features found on the best spin bikes like a water bottle holder, 4-way seat adjustment and the AAA batteries needed for illuminating the screen.

This bike offers 2 resistance levels only, but it’s more than good for those looking for a starter bike to get started with indoor cycling.

PRICE: $129


Final thoughts on the best spin bikes available

Deciding on which indoor cycling bike you’re going to purchase is a difficult task. With the help we’ve provided above, laying out the best spin bikes available at all of the different price ranges that best fit your budget make it extremely easy for you to pick the perfect indoor bike for your home.

As for a recap:

The top-of-the-line spin spin bike

The best-value spin bike

The best doesn’t-break-your-bank spin bike

There you go! Now let us know how you’re enjoying your new spin bike in the comments below! We hope this guide truly made your decision EASY as you searched for the best spin bikes available on the market.

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