Best Waist Trimmer – [2020 Top 5 Edition]

We are generally interested in cutting fat from our midsection. One technique that has caught on is the use of a waist trimmer – a tool that has proved to help in burning off that stubborn belly fat. Below, you’ll find our best waist trimmer guide. Since your abdomen is one of the most preferred areas for fat storage, becoming familiar with all the best waist trimmers is extremely valuable for you in your quest to cut the fat.

While performing some type of physical activity regularly and while eating healthy is the cornerstone of any fat loss program, a waist trimmer can help not only get rid of excess water weight from your abdomen, but also increase fat burning by elevating your body’s temperature in the targeted area.

Still, keep in mind that a waist trimmer isn’t a magical solution to getting washboard abs overnight. Even though you’ve found the best waist trimmer here, it should be used as a supplement on top of a healthy and clean diet and regular physical activity in order to achieve maximum results.

If you’re like me and want to get straight to the punch, I’ve put the two best inversion tables right here:



Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer isn’t the cheapest option out there but is quite affordable right around $20. It has over 6k positive reviews averaging 4.5 stars!




Reformer Athletics Waist Trimmer

The Reformer Athletics waist trimmer is a solid piece of fat-trimming equipment. It comes in under $20 and includes a couple of free bonuses + anti-slip and anti-odor technologies.

best value waist trimmer




Advantages Of Using A Waist Trimmer

Using a waist trimmer during your workout has one main purpose:

  • retaining body heat to help you sweat more and shed water weight kept in the abdomen.

Waist trimmers are usually made from neoprene fabric, which is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Just because you want to shed water weight, doesn’t mean you need to get dehydrated in the process. It is vital to drink water while working out even if you’re wearing the trimmer.

Another benefit for the waist trimmer is spine and back support, especially for those already dealing with back pain. This will also promote better posture, which in turn translates into a speedier recovery.

The compression caused by wearing a waist trimmer can diminish the pressure on your back and help alleviate some of the chronic pain caused by bad habits.


Tips For Using A Waist Trimmer

For optimal results, it is best if the waist trimmer rests directly against your skin, so get rid of all upper body clothing like undershirts and larger sports bras. Don’t worry; high-quality waist trimmers won’t cause any irritation to the skin.

Wrap the waist trimmer around your waist so that the larger part of the belt fits around your back. Stretch the waist trimmer around your abdomen and wrap around the other side of the waist trimmer and secure with the Velcro strip. You can wear whatever type of clothing over the waist trimmer. Just make sure nothing is below it.

Don’t forget to remove your belt and HAND wash it after every workout, to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation.


Best Waist Trimmer For Working Out

There are a variety of waist trimmers on the market. This means you should definitely get one that fits your needs.

Before buying, make sure to test the material beforehand and check the manufacturer’s recommendation towards best use. The best waist trimmer for working out should be light but should keep your stomach muscles tight no matter the activity.

Below, you will find the list of the top-rated waist trimmers available on the market:


Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer


sweet sweat best waist trimmerSweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer is for unisex use, designed to elevate the core temperature and increase sweating during exercise. This waist trimmer is made of latex-free neoprene, making it super soft and comfortable. The neoprene material is a great insulator, enabling a quick increase of the core’s temperature.

It also has an inner lining to prevent slipping, so rest assured that it will stay in its place no matter how hard the workout. Sweet Sweat offers a money-back guarantee, but their price point is a bit higher than the average waist trimmer. With this being such a high-quality and durable product and with almost 7k 4.5-star reviews, we rate this as our overall best waist trimmer. The Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer comes included with a breathable carrying bag and a sample of the Sweet Sweat Gel, which is a special formula to help increase the circulation and maximize fat loss.





AZSPORT Waist Trimmer


azsport best waist trimmerThis waist trimmer is lightweight and comfortable, providing an adjustable and stretchy material that will fit most people. The Azsport waist trimmer fits nicely in a way that will help to strengthen your core and stabilize your whole body. Basically, it acts like a compression binder around the abdomen to provide lumbar support and optimal posture for back pain healing.

The Velcro sticks well and it might require a bit of effort to undo it, which is a positive sign. Azsport also offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. At $15, you can’t beat this price.





Reformer Athletics Waist Trimmer


performer waist trimmerNot only recommended for weight loss purposes, the Reformer Athletics waist trimmer is recommended for individuals recovering from back and spine trauma. If you find yourself with chronic back pains or poor posture the Reformer waist trimmer will provide you the extra support for pressure relief off your core.

For weight loss purposes, it will accelerate fat burning by creating a sauna-like environment around your waist, which in turn will increase circulation to expel that water weight and burn more calories.

This trimmer is made of a three-dimensional structure neoprene combined with an anti-slip property, with unlimited breathability and an adjustable Velcro closure fitting most body shapes. It comes with a couple of bonuses as well – an iPhone Neoprene sleeve and a Healthy eBook of Detox smoothies & Protein shakes for optimal nutrition.





TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer


tnt best waist trimmerConsidered to be one of the best waist trimmer belts in the market, the TNT Pro series is a premium accessory that fits comfortably and covers the entire abdomen. This waist trimmer is not only used during workouts but also while performing household chores or any type of activity that may cause you to break a sweat. Wrap this around your waist and watch as your stomach burns fat after each use!

This model has extra width and fits most users; it is highly rated due to its comfort and stability around the abdomen. The material is water resistant and doesn’t produce any odor due to the anti-bacterial engineering. The interior part is lined with the heat generating neoprene rubber, responsible for heating your core and making you drop those inches. The Velcro on this model is super tight and allows you to exercise freely without stressing about the waist trimmer coming undone.





Welcos Waist Trimmer Belt


best waist cincherA specially designed waist trimmer for women, the Welcos model has gained popularity with the ladies since last summer, as it showed superior efficiancy in cutting down abdominal fat. Like most top quality waist trimming belts, the Welcos has neoprene lining to make sure that your core temperature reaches a burning point making it easy to burn stomach fat with each exercise session.

Not only does it have good fat burning potential, but this waist trimmer is a good tool to shape the body even when worn underneath your clothes. It is suitable for a wide range of activities such as running, yoga, cycling, and weightlifting. Start losing inches around your midsection and love handles by tightening the Welcos belt all around your core.

Not only you will lose the water weight and fat, but by wearing this tummy trimmer, you will also get the appearance of toned abdominals. This effect is instant.

It is versatile and lightweight, and it fits underneath most dresses and tops.

Not only will it help you shape your body, it is used to support your back and core from any damage or help reduce any chronic pain suffered from a trauma or simply a bad posture.



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