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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to grab the body beast workout schedule PDF. Below you’ll be able to download and print the body beast workout schedule PDF, as well as find tips for successfully completing the program.



What Is The Body Beast Workout?


body-beast-workoutThe Body Beast program is a workout and lifestyle program geared towards fitness enthusiasts looking for a true bodybuilding program that can be done in the convenience of your home.

If you’re looking to build lean muscle mass without increasing your body fat percentage, then the Body Beast workout from Beach Body is the most popular and most efficient program available.

One of the biggest reasons why this program is so popular is because it can be completed at home without the need to commute to the gym. The Body Beast program was created by Sagi Kalev, winner of the “Mr. Israel” bodybuilding competition and a fitness magazine model.

The Body Beast program promises optimal results by grouping different workouts and nutritional plans that cover groceries and recipes to build maximum muscle in a relatively short period of time.

This is why the body beast workout schedule PDF is in such high demand right now.


Body Beast Equipment


Since it’s a program that’s completed at home, Body Beast will require certain equipment to get the results you want.

Adjustable Dumbbells

adjustable dumbbells for beast bodyInstead of buying a rack and a dozen different dumbbells, a set of adjustable ones will take less space and will be A LOT CHEAPER.

To make sure you are progressing in your lifts, adding weight is a must. By purchasing a set of adjustable dumbbells, you will insure that the body beast program is more challenging and beneficial.




EZ Curl bar

ez curl bar for body beastThe most important thing to look for when shopping for an EZ Curl bar is getting one with the standard 1-inch hole and not one designed for Olympic plates (2 inches). Unlike the adjustable dumbbells, you will have to buy different weight plates so make sure you get ones that can be stored without taking a lot of space in your home gym. A cheaper alternative option could be a set of resistance bands.





Chin-Up Bar

chin up bar for body beast


A must-have tool for developing your back muscles and increasing your endurance.

Make sure to get one with a good grip and the ability to support your weight.




Adjustable Weight Bench

adjustable weight benchTo achieve maximum results with your Body Beast program, purchasing an adjustable weight bench is vital. You will probably use this piece of equipment in every workout, and its usefulness can extend beyond the body beast workout schedule PDF.

Buy one that provides good back support and can go all the way up to 90 degrees. A bench that provides you adequate back support will help you tremendously once your lifts get heavier.







Body Beast Nutrition Guide

No workout program is going to deliver results without a solid nutritional plan.

After you get the essential equipment needed, it’s time to get your diet in check.

Remember that food is the fuel for your workouts and the building blocks of your body. Your diet will have a big influence on the outcome of the body beast program.

The Body Beast nutrition guide recommends that you have 6 small meals per day instead of the classic 3 big meals. Each meal should include a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Aside from the equipment you bought for working out, some small kitchen items can also help, like a food scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and a blender.

You might think that eating 6 small meals a day is time-consuming and requires a lot of work and preparation, but if you plan your week right, it will quickly become less stressful.

To successfully plan and prepare your nutrition plan for the week, always remember the following:

  • Buy products in bulk (frozen vegetables, rice, beans, and potatoes are usually a great start)
  • Avoid ready-made processed food (they usually contain a lot of sodium and other preservatives)
  • Buy produce in season (will save you money and provide you with more nutrients)
  • Always go to the store with a grocery list in hand (this will stop any impulse buys of unhealthy goods)


To figure out how much you need to eat, you first have to figure out your starting body fat percentage. Watch this video below to learn how you can measure your body fat at home.



After you figure that out you can use the information in the body beast guide program to plan out the perfect eating schedule. This is a great blog post that will give you ideas on what to eat while doing the body beast program.

Side note: If you find it hard to consume the right amount of calories from solid foods then using supplements like whey protein powder is actually encouraged. If you can hit your targets without it, great. If not, then you will want to look at consuming a whey protein supplement.


Body Beast Calendar + The 3 Phases

The Body Beast calendar is divided into three phases totaling 12 weeks of hard work all while following a pretty strict eating regimen.

The build and bulk phases of the Body Beast program are designed to add mass to your frame without gaining fat. The Beast phase will have lesser calories aimed at cutting unwanted fat. The goal of the beast phase is to drop body fat while retaining maximum muscle mass.

body beast workout calendar
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Build Phase

Your first 3 weeks with the Body Beast program are called the Build Phase.

The main purpose of your exercise and nutrition during this phase will be building the foundation for your body to see maximum results.

Remember transformation is not overnight, it is the product of hard work and strict discipline! The workouts here might seem longer, but this is simply because you’re still introducing your body to all the different triggers that will help it grow into a beast. 🙂


BULK Phase


After laying the foundation for your future body, the following bulking weeks (6 in total) will have one purpose: adding maximum muscle to your frame while keeping fat gains to a minimum.

You won’t see a lot of these workouts at your local gym. These are well-crafted routines designed around the concept of dynamic set training.




This is the most mentally challenging phase out of the three.

Here is where willpower has to step up and help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. When you reach these last 3 weeks of the Beast phase, you have to stay focused. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. You will be eating less but still training at a high intensity to get you as shredded as possible. Don’t worry, though; the main focus should be on cutting your calories wisely and dropping the body fat that is preventing your muscles from popping out.

No need to stress, though. The main focus here will be cutting your calories wisely and dropping the body fat that is preventing your muscles from popping.

These are the three phases, but let’s take a closer look at dynamic set training and why it’s so great.

The different types of sets you will perform during your workouts are:

Single set

Performing one exercise only.

Super set

The combination of two exercises done back to back without rest.

Giant Set

Three exercises completed back-to-back, all targeting the same muscle group (e.g. chest).


Three different exercises that don’t target the same muscle group.

Force set

5 sets of 5 reps each, without changing the weight, with minimal rest between sets.

Progressive Set 

This is similar to a pyramid set by moving from high reps to low reps, taking a break in the middle, then making your way back up to high reps. For example: 12 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps — 60-second rest — and then 6 reps, 8 reps, and 12 reps. All done with the same weight.

Combo Set

Basically, a set containing one compound exercise, which is an exercise that engages multiple muscle groups each rep.



By introducing these methods, the aim of dynamic set training is to increase testosterone production for better lean mass gains.

Remember that your training should not consist of pushing the weight up and down aimlessly. Using proper form and creating a mind-muscle connection is the goal of the first three weeks.

Check your form over and over until you are confident that you’re performing each exercise properly. Don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust to critique your form and provide you with pointers on improving your lifting.

Also, don’t compare yourself to friends or other people who have years of training under their belt. Move at your own pace and as long as you are progressing and increasing the intensity of your workouts, then you’re on the right track to complete the Body Beast workout successfully.

Set a goal in each workout and try hard to push your body into achieving it. Don’t worry if you missed a personal record occasionally. Use that as a motivation to go even harder next time.


Finally, pay attention to your personal safety at all times while using the body beast workout schedule pdf.

Don’t skip your warm-up. It’s meant to help you prevent injuries and give you greater mobility.

Prepare your workout space beforehand by clearing any unwanted obstacles from the room. Accidents can occur at any time and the last thing you want is an unwanted incident that will set you back a few weeks.

If you have any pre-existing medical condition, please inform your health care provider that you will be engaging in heavy physical activity, and always listen to their advice and to your body.

If at any time during the Body Beast workout you feel unease, pain, or any symptom like dizziness or low blood pressure, stop what you’re doing and rest.


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