CrossFit Jump Rope Length

How To Find Your CrossFit Jump Rope Length

Most experts will tell you to take your height, add three feet, and that’s the length of your CrossFit speed jump rope. For general assumptions, that’s fine. But we’re talking about CrossFit here! We need to know as accurately as possible, what our CrossFit jump rope length should be!

First off, it’s important to measure your CrossFit rope according to the type of jumping you’ll be doing. For our purposes, we’ll be using it for CrossFit, more specifically for mastering double unders.

Secondly, you need to know what type of jump rope you’ll be using. For CrossFit, chances are you are using a type of thin cable rope for speed and a maximum caloric burn.

Starting out

It’s important to purchase a rope that somewhat already fits your height. Most CrossFit jump ropes come adjustable, meaning, they are made from a thin cable that can be snipped at the end with cable cutters. You’ll want to make sure that your rope is generally sized according to our chart below:

You’ll want to make sure that your rope is generally sized according to our chart below:

crossfit jump rope length chart

Now it’s time to fit it even more accurately to your body: 

  1. Step on the middle of your jump rope with one foot and pull it up as high as it will go with both hands
  2. Chances are that the rope goes up to at least your chest or even your shoulders
  3. Have someone watch you skip the rope, it should be about 6 – 10 inches over your head
  4. Grab your cable cutters and cut off the excess rope on one end of your jump rope
  5. Measure it back up by stepping on the center with one foot, you’ll notice it now comes up much shorter down around your rib cage
  6. The more proficient you are at double unders, the closer to 6 inches your rope should be(over your head)

The first 2 1/2 minutes of the video below demonstrates how to do this:

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