CrossFit Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an extremely effective form of cardiovascular exercise. That’s why more and more athletes are looking for a high-quality CrossFit Jump Rope.

It’s not new; athletes have been training with jump ropes for decades. However, not all jump ropes are made equal. Some have their strengths, and some have their weaknesses. Depending on what your goals are in regards to jumping rope or skipping rope, you’ll favor one over the other.

Since you’re interested in a CrossFit jump rope, we’ll focus on that.

Below you’ll learn what makes a great jump rope for CrossFit.

Why Jump Ropes?

We’re all looking for effective and functional exercise routines. That’s why you’ll see so many different types of athletes use jump ropes in such a variety of sports, not just CrossFit WODs. Jump rope training targets agility, coordination, balance, speed, endurance, and concentration.  It strengthens your legs, butt, shoulders, and arms all at the same time, hence, why it’s so effective.

Jumping rope burns more than 10 calories a minute. Think about that. You can burn more than 200 calories from two ten-minute sessions a day. That means you could burn 1000 calories a week if you chose to do two ten-minute sessions a day!

Another nice thing about jump ropes is that they pack easy. Throw a rope in your bag when you travel and you can get a fantastic cardio workout in on the go!

Will I even be able to do Double Unders?

The answer is yes, of course. Will it be easy? Maybe for some. It will take work, and it will take practice. Just like anything else worth achieving in life, it takes dedication.

But, having the correct tools that make achieving your goals easier isn’t a bad thing. Your goal in purchasing a solid CrossFit jump rope is to eventually get to where you can string together lots of double unders in a row. This will drastically increase your WOD times that involve double unders.

Below is a short video on how to do double unders.

What Makes a Good Crossfit Jump Rope?

There are plenty of factors to determine what makes a solid CrossFit jump rope. Let’s go over the important ones that will make it easy for you to pick out your next jump rope for CrossFit.

Handle Weight

What do you think wears out first when jumping rope? You might think the legs. But, you’d be wrong. The arms wear out first! That’s why it’s important for any CrossFitter to have a jump rope that has a light-weight handle!


Not all CrossFitters are made equal. When you step into your box, you’ve got athletes of all ranges and ages. A solid CrossFit jump rope can be easily mastered by a wide range of individuals. It’s also important that your rope can be used not only indoors but outdoors as well. You need to be able to take that rope on the streets with you! Versatility is key.


Nobody’s got time for a clunky rotating jump rope. Your CrossFit jump rope needs to rotate smooth and fast! We prefer a tapered handle that provides a better grip. Grip becomes important when sweat starts running down your arms to your hands. That tapered grip helps in not letting your handle slip through your hands.


It can be a pain to measure out your size while staring at a computer screen and especially first using it. Your CrossFit jump rope needs to be resizable. You can’t have a jump rope that is too long or too short. Too long and it will slow you down, too short and it will cause misses and a lot of frustration. You need to be able to resize your rope perfectly for your needs.

Cable Quality

A CrossFit jump rope is all about speed. That’s why a nice rope is a speed cable jump rope. That doesn’t mean your whipping around a line of cable. Your CrossFit speed cable jump rope will be lined with a coating. Nylon coating is much tougher and lasts a lot longer than vinyl coatings.


Last but not least is cost. When you can find a solid CrossFit jump rope that doesn’t break your bank, you know you’ve found a winner. If you can find a solid rope for less than $30, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Where Can I get the Best Crossfit Jump Rope?

We’re not biased or anything here. Okay, maybe we are…We feel that the ZojiRope made by ZojiFit is a phenomenal CrossFit jump rope. It exceeds all of the requirements above. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

But that’s not even the best part.

Here’s why you’ll love your new ZojiRope for CrossFit. Each set comes with:

  • a carrying bag to keep it concealed and organized
  • an extra cable rope
  • extra end-piece fasteners
  • light-weight extended tapered handles

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