Pre Workout Supplements For Women

Men have been pounding their pre-workout for years. You’ve probably seen guys walking into the gym sipping on a colorful substance in a shaker bottle. Pre workout supplements for women are growing in popularity and for multiple reasons:

  • Getting to the gym can be hard, both mentally and physically. Sometimes you need something that jump starts a habit. Drinking a pre-workout supplement can do that for you. You may not be in the mood to hit the gym, but you know that once you pound your pre-workout, it’s GO TIME.
  • Once you’re at the gym, your pre-workout supplement can help you train harder, and break past your limits.
  • You’ll notice that you won’t get tired as easy nor as quick and you’ll be able to workout for a longer period of time.
  • Knowing that you’ve prepped your body with a pre-workout, it can help increase your focus and motivation to get a solid training session in.

What to look for in a Pre Workout Supplement


It’s commonplace nowadays to check the reviews of products before you purchase. Whether you’re purchasing on Amazon or, you’ll find no shortage of reviews. Make sure you pay attention to what people are saying about the taste, any side effects, longevity, power, servings, etc.

You’ll want to also check out the 2 and 3 star reviews to see if you can dig up any common pitfalls.

Word of mouth is huge and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make it easy to get opinions of those we trust.


Drink vs. Powder vs. Pills

Pre-workout supplements usually come in three formats: drink, powder, and pills.

Pre workouts that come pre-bottled are handy to throw in your bag and drink on the go. However, you pay a premium for the luxury.

The most common form of pre-workout is the powder form. It’s actually really easy to mix it up. All you need is a bottle and water. Pour the powder in your bottle, shake it up, and you’re good to go. You’ll find a lot more flavors in the powder form. You’ll want to read the reviews to make sure it mixes well. Cheaper brands don’t mix well, you’ll find clumps or gritty particles in your drink which don’t go down too well.

Pills are the least common, but do exist. You don’t have to worry about the taste, but if you’re not a pill swallower then this is not for you. You will also usually pay a premium for the pill form.

We recommend a powder-based pre-workout that tastes fantastic!

If you haven’t guessed it by now, there are 100’s of pre-workout supplements available on the market and most of them are marketed towards men. However, if you look hard enough you’ll find ones that better accommodate women.

We’ve gone and done the tricky research for you and laid out the top pre workout supplements for women below.

3 Awesome Pre Workout Supplements For Women

HIT Supplements Igniter Extreme For Women



The Igniter Extreme by HIT Supplements is perfect for the female who is looking for an intense pre-workout to ignite their training session. If you’re wanting to push yourself to the limit each workout, then this is the ultimate pre workout drink for women.

Cost: $26




Fit Miss Ignite Women’s Pre Workout

fitmiss ignite pre workoutThe Fit Miss Ignite Pre Workout is our most “relaxed” pre workout. If you are looking for a solid pre workout to take once or twice a week, then this is the one. If you’re wanting a pre-workout for daily consumption then you’ll want to try the HIT Igniter.

Cost: $22





Energy Angel by Gym Angel

energy angel by gym angelThe Energy Angel pre workout really packs a punch for the dosage amount. It contains Betaine which is a fantastic supplement to take while working out since it aids in lean muscle mass.

Cost: $30




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