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San Diego Meal Delivery Services

san diego food deliveryThe term fast food is being reimagined and meal delivery providers in San Diego are providing consumers with the convenience of delivering healthy meals to their customers. We’ve rounded up a list of the best San Diego Meal Delivery services available for your budget, time, and pallet.

Meal delivery to your doorstep isn’t a new concept but pricing and logistics have been a hindrance in the past. With the growth of technology, now is a great time to skip the lengthy meal prep session and free up some time for you to do more of what you love.


Why San Diego?


San Diego is one of the first markets where meal delivery services are competing fiercely for a large business stake. From ordering groceries to getting gourmet meals prepared and cooked freshly to suit your taste, there are companies popping up all over.


Who should you choose?

With lots of options available, we’ve done the research for you and have picked our three favorite meal delivery companies in San Diego.

Here they are:



san diego meal delivery freshly

Freshly, one of the first companies to hire professional chefs to prepare customizable meals for specific dietary preferences such as gluten-free and organic; or simply with no added sugars, is now also catering to the vegetarian crowd and all these arrive at your home with a weekly subscription. Meals in 2 minutes is their slogan, it reaches your house pre-cooked and just needs warming in the microwave. With

Meals in 2 minutes is their slogan, it reaches your house pre-cooked and just needs warming in the microwave. With the price of delivery included in the weekly subscription, no wonder Freshly is a very popular and economical choice in San Diego and surrounding cities.



Eat Clean Meal Prep


This company offers you different set menus prepared by their in-house dietician in collaboration with the kitchen team; the good news is the set menus change every week. Eat Clean Meal Prep promises that ingredients are always fresh and bought on the day of the preparation and that they will be delivered to you each Sunday evening to make sure you’re covered for the week to come.




meal delivery san diego plated

Who would pass on a chef-organized meal on their home table a few days per week?

That’s exactly what Plated offers its customers, but the catch here is that you will have to cook it yourself. It’s actually not complicated at all: You pick the meals you want for the coming week, place an order and the ingredients required to prepare those delicious meals to show up at your front door the next week.

Most foods are locally grown and organic and the produce is always fresh and seasonal. Detailed instructions are provided to make sure that the end result is delicious and nutritious. I enjoy the small touches such as a number of calories and nutrient per serving that comes printed with the instructions, makes it easier for dieters to keep track of a number of calories consumed.



The good news about these meal delivery services in San Diego is that they’ve finally made fast-food healthy.

Yes, it may cost more than hitting up that high-class restaurant, but the convenience and healthy ingredients are well worth it. Remember, if you don’t mind cooking the food yourself, you can find meal delivery companies like Plated that offer their services at a cheaper price.

Another benefit of making fewer trips to the supermarket is the fact that it reduces the chances of buying junk and sugary snacks.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t walk into the store with a plan to get double stuffed oreo’s, but sometimes it just too tempting to leave it on the shelf… Money saved and fewer calories consumed seems like a big win.

Now on the other hand, when ordering ready-made dishes, one has to wonder about what additional seasonings or enhancers are used to improve the taste and longevity of the meals.

meal delivery for san diego

After all, you are receiving one week’s worth of meals to be kept in the fridge or freezer for a few days. Even though most companies advertise the use of fresh ingredients, that doesn’t necessarily eliminate the chance of extra tweaks or additions.

While the above San Diego Meal Delivery companies do a good job of addressing food allergies in their menus, there are a bunch of companies that may be a bit more relaxed in their preparation. It’s no secret that such meal delivery services operate (at first) from small-sized kitchens; due to the bulk of meal preparation and orders, cross contamination, especially for gluten-free food, is always a possibility.

If you have a serious food intolerance, it is a better option to go with a company that delivers the produce to your home and you handle the cooking yourself.

Finally, for those of you who are easily tempted with eating junk food and frozen dinners, subscribing to one of these San Diego meal delivery services can prove to be a much healthier option. With deliveries covering the whole of San Diego, you can be sure they can reach you all over the city.

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